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google adsense tipsGOOGLE ADSENSE TIPS: Adsense High Paying Keywords

Adsense High Paying Keywords

Adsense High Paying Keywords - The inclusion of high-payment keywords in your site is crucial to maximize their returns. Who has time for everyone to figure? How much are you willing to pay for this kind of information?

high paying keywords

The secret is here, 99 keywords you can use, with an average payment of $ 2 - $ 100 per click:

1st Structured Settlements

2nd Mesothelioma

3rd Acne

4th Life Insurance

5th Sure Death

6th Bextra

7th Asbestos

8th Motor insurance

9th Dental Plans

10th Private Jets

11th Debt Consolidation

12th Credit Cards

13th Rewards Cards

14th Loans

15th Equity credit line

16th Loans

17th Mortgages

18th Payday loans

19th Cash withdrawals

20th Bankruptcy

21st Reduce the debt

22nd Refinancing

23rd Jet charter

24th Vioxx

25th Unlawful Death

26th Imprint

27th Taxes

28th Investment

29th Bonds

30th Online Trading

31st IRA rollover

32nd Refinance quotes

33rd Adult Education

34th Distance Learning

35th Alcohol Treatment

36th Rehab

37th Drug Rehabilitation

38th Spyware

39th Mobile Plans

40th Calling Cards

41st VOIP

42nd Weight Loss

43rd Canadian Pharmacy

44th Depression

45th Spam Filters

46th Lasik

47th Lifting

48th Teeth Whitening

49th Pension

50th Anti-virus protection

51st Adult Diaper

52nd Free Credit Report

53rd Credit Score

54th Satellite

55th Anti-spam software

56th Dedicated Hosting

57th Domain Name

58th Need Money

59th Degree

60th Masters

61st Doctorate

62nd Work at Home

63rd Quick Book

64th Extra money

65th Eloan

66th Malpractice Law Attorney

67th Lenox China

68th Cancer

69th Payperclick

70th Personal injury lawyer

71st Lexington Law

72nd Video conferencing

73rd Money Transfer

74th Windstar Cruises

75th Online Casinos

76th Life Term

77th Online Banking

78th Borrow money

79th Low Interest Credit Cards

80th Personal domain names

81st Rent-a-phone

82nd Internet broker

83rd Trans Union

84th Cheap hosting

85th College Degree Online

86th Online Marketing

87th Consolidation

88th Helpdesk Software

89th Web Host

90th A house insurance

91st Yellow Pages advertising

92nd Travel Insurance

93rd Domain Registration

94th Credit Counseling

95th Hosting e-mail

96th Business Credit

97th Consumer Credit

98th Blue Cross

99th Laptop

Actual payments depending on their PPC program, to which it belongs and on the amount, offering for advertisers per click. However, the experience of web administrator is the good care of integrating some of these key words and get higher results than ever before expected.

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