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google adsense tipsGOOGLE ADSENSE TIPS: Is $100 per click on AdSense real?

Is $100 per click on AdSense real?

People from around the world seems to be the thousands of dollars per month, Markus million a year ago, and ... Therefore, there must be an absolute Dolto, if you sit there staring at your check for 113 U.S. dollars last month.

Maybe not.

Like most Web distributions of all, there is a power of the law in force, the people after AdSense income. In other words, a few people (you can bet on that later will we know who they are!) Where do the lion's share of money, even more people who are doing OK money, and many of us go to do na yes, not really very good money at all.

Naturally, the core of the winner-take-all society is the crazy way our conviction that we are one of the lucky few to keep us away, a connection to a charity. The large number of children in the ghettos, some NBA stars have much in common with AdSense slave workers, who are convinced that it will be the next Mark as a millionaire.

But we run some numbers anyway, despite all those who believe that the number can not be applied to them keep thinking that way. It is not the behavior of individuals, but perhaps see some numbers that really with your own experiences (as opposed to what they are ashamed of their own experience) can be a pleasant change.


There are one million ways to skin the cat adsense, but surely the straight-shooter, white hat, good content and good advertisers approach will come from a large number of new AdSense. Practically speaking, if you're at the beginning of a black hat, get-rich-quick scheme, then you are so far behind the old-time (and Google) that the odds are against you anyway, even cruel.

So here's the scenario: You make your AdSense gold by creating good content and ads get, and over time the dollar will be maintained only until the Assembly.

Assigned Numbers

Of course, AdSense income varies greatly from smart pricing issue and what do you think of this week. But even so, I think it is possible to make some plausible assumptions for some middle-income.

An often-quoted guesstimates claims that people in the AdSense do business around $ 10/page per year. But I will say a more realistic estimate is $ 5/page per year. This is probably better that you make a joke of the day kind of content, but probably plausible for anyone who makes a modest amount of research on where good yields are likely issues lie.

I know if you are a rookie you think, 'Oh, I'm pretty sure you can win $ 10/page per year. " I know you're special, but do not forget that this set of figures aimed at what will happen to most adsense rookie, not really intelligent people like you, whom the chances do not apply.

Note also that a number of things conspire against the new AdSense. If you have a few pages, it is difficult to get natural links. It is harder to achieve PR and more difficult to rank highly for popular keywords. Think of adsense as one of the online games, where you have to spend the first part of the game by a toady and Grunts doing enough gold / skills / whatever that really any fun (and to avoid are overwritten by the first opponent is funny).

So yes, but it seems unlikely low, and let's go with 5/page $ per year.

Then, of course, is how fast you can write pages? As always, there is a trade-off here. Two sentences per page is to allow the crank a much faster - but the rate is lower than what they are actually doing everything right. And if you just write crap, much smaller than the rate you receive one of the "natural" one-way links from the authority.

Google is not magic, but if you believe that they have failed at least a rough correlation between the rankings and website quality / utility, why invest time in this business anyway?

Moreover, it is not to live off the proceeds of their first 10-page AdSense site, so it is probably time elsewhere to earn a living. You can probably not 10 hours a day, but nothing about the creation of content. And many people have royal families or other frivolous programs that they are working 7 days week. And remember, we are looking for numbers that describe what will happen for most beginners AdSense, on this expedition.

I would go with a series of 2 hours per page, and 4 hours per day. And I will assume that you work on this project for 5 days per week, 50 weeks a year.


Now comes the fun part. Plug away at this thing AdSense for one year, and if you believe that you (the imaginary 'average' AdSense) will be?

Well, after a year, you have 50 weeks * 5 days / week * 2 pages / day = 500 pages. Wow! The hope that you choose a topic that I could write a lot about this! (What was the highest number of pages that never wrote a term paper? Hmmmmmm ...)

Well, how much annual income from your website that you are at this time? Now, 500 pages * 5 dollar / page / year = $ 2500/year = $ 208/month.

Is it worth it?

Suppose that after years of work, your site is estimated around for a while. Of course, is not really to $ 2500 in year 1, because the page was slow to zero during the first year. And some people are finding your site that profits in a "frozen" side up, while many are dropping sooner or later, because of competition or algorithm changes.

However, that the math simple, let's assume (I think, conservatively), the total amount of revenue (also given the Google algorithm changes) from this site are at least 3 X $ 2500 = $ 7500 - even if you no other work on them after the end of one year. A return to true-blue, white and has earned content development should be that you are less likely to "eliminated" completely from an algorithm change in Google, but do not expect the site to earn his highlight forever unchanged.

That's why she took 7,500 U.S. dollars and all that was invested 50 X 7 X 4 = 1400 hours. That is correct, you have $ 5.35/hour.

We're sorry that the $ 5.35/hour. You need to be paid taxes (Social Security and some in the U.S.) about it. But still, you have the pleasure to be your own boss, huh?


After my hypothesis? Of course not! But if you are a rookie AdSense, you should at least look at the numbers, and then see if their own estimates of the pan as you go.

After a few months of work of AdSense, you have more or less than the 80 pages of content that I assume that the average have adsense?

After a few months of work of AdSense, you are all doing more or less than the $ .14/page one day that I have taken here?

After a few months of work of AdSense, you have more or less than 160 hours of the time I spent estimates for this model?

I am somewhere near my estimation, what will happen to the average AdSense? I do not know, but I suspect this flimsy model is much closer to the realities of what is obtained by the reading of messages from people who are on the sweet end of the Faculty of Law curve. People in the much more densely populated end of the curve (which is the part that looks much like a flat line) rarely experienced since their incomes.

Sometimes I wonder if these unrealistic expectations lead to more cases of fraud, because the people decide who should be what "all the other does, because" all others "seems to be rich by using AdSense.

I tell people not to try to adsense? But I'm not saying people do not make adsense instead of obtaining an education, not to quit his job to make AdSense, so as not to give up working relations in more adsense. And if you're here to tell you I have all these things and now star of the NBA's equivalent of AdSense, well, just remember that a bad injury you can from the game for good.

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