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Adsense Templates - Do the adsense templates really important part to increase the google adsense income? When it comes to building a site for Adsense, many webmasters ask themselves what is the best adsense template format to use. In this article, I will share some tips that will help you build the best adsense template which you will be able to use for every adsense sites afterward.

The best adsense template format will be very simple. It will include a minimum of navigation, so the visitor is mostly directed to the Adsense ads blocks.

The template format will also be built with a maximum of three different colours, so the eyes are not too distracted from the content. Try to use minimal graphics, they are not necessary.

If you want to build the best adsense template format, you will include the Adsense square block in the articles on each pages, because this way the visitor will think it is an internal link and it will increase your overall clickthrough. You can place the ads right under the title of the article, or in between two paragraphs.

Personally, I often use the navigation on the left side, and include an Adlink block similar to my site navigation.

If you follow these simple tips and practice a bit, you will end up with the best adsense template format for all your Adsense sites!

If you are really serius to make money with adsense, please consider to apply the tips above. Start know building your website with the great adsense templates

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